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A Prayer for Our Nation

Eternal, Almighty and Loving  God,  Throughout human history, you have seen nations rise and fall.  You have been saddened as countries turned away from you, choosing destruction and death rather that life and peace. And you have observed when citizens have risen up in arms against one another as was the case in our own nation 160 years ago. Yet, through it all you remain supreme, eternal and in control. But, Father God, we do not have the long vision of history as do you. Therefore, when we see our capitol building being stormed by our own citizens, and when we see the anger and hostility that has plagued our nation reaching a flash point, we become afraid and our faith somewhat falters. Lord Jesus, we acknowledge that as a nation, we indeed have turned from your precepts. Many who claim to represent you are not acting in line with your commands to love one another.  Many have rejected your call to be peacemakers and to reject violence to settle our differences. Also, Father, we have leaders in our two-party system who have not aided in the cause of peace but have fanned the flames of division. Some have called us to harass those who do not agree with their ideology. While others have been so careless with their words, that they have fanned the flames of hostility. Lord Jesus, we ask tonight for you to bring a sense of calm to this nation. We beseech you convict those who are turning to anarchy and violence in our streets and to bring order to this great nation. Lord, we plead with you that you enable us to find common ground. Holy Spirit, we are begging you to speak into the hearts of our leaders. Remind them that they have been…

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On line Giving Now Functioning

Our online giving is now functioing if you chosse to give in that fashion

In-person Worship Resumes

We will resume our in-person worship services on Jan.17, 2021 at 8:45 and 11:00 am. However, those who are in the high risk category are advised to continue watching on line .  

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