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June Mission Focus

Christmas Shoe Boxes

It’s Christmas in June and time to collect items for UMCOR Christmas Shoeboxes. This year we are collecting items to furnish 125 boxes to children in Central and South America. We are able to do 25 more this year because we got a lot of leftover items from the Mountain Lake District Office last year.

There will be a table outside the Mission Depot for the boxes. If you want to purchase for a boy get a BLUE card or if you prefer to buy for a girl get a PINK card. If you would like to buy things like pencils, bath soap, bath cloths, jump ropes etc. get a WHITE card. Each card is valued about $10.00, so take as many cards as you can. We also wrote suggestions on where the best buys are. Also, there are some envelopes on the table if you want to give money instead and let the Mission Team shop for you. Please put your items on the table inside the Mission Depot by Sunday, June 30th.

There will be a work day scheduled in July to assemble the shoeboxes. EVERYONE is needed to help in this wonderful project. Please be in prayer for this mission, sometimes this is the only gift these children receive for Christmas.


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