Updates on The Methodist Situation

Dear Friends,

                 I am writing in regard to the announcement of the launch of the Global Methodist Church which was made just this morning. This will be the name of the new orthodox traditional Methodist movement that I have been writing about. This announcement has been made after the Council of bishops once again postponed a vote on the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation.

                However, this does NOT mean that the split of the what will be the former United Methodist  church will happen before the General Conference of the UMC has a chance to deal with the Protocol in 2022.  The leaders of the new Global Methodist Church are abiding by their word not to urge churches to withdraw and align with the new denomination until the General Conference has had time to deal with the protocol. But because of the pandemic, that vote has been once again postponed until 2022. But should the progressives and centrist pull their support for the protocol, the new Global Methodist Church would then launch and be open for annual conferences and individual churches to align with it.

                Now you may be asking, why is this happening? I have attempted to answer that question through the various other articles that I have sent out. To read them. click here  or here  or here. However, I would like to add that by now having an official name, logo and Book of Discipline, United Methodist churches who wish to align with this new denomination will be able to do so and be able to keep their property.

                As I promised, I am trying to keep you informed and I plead with you to take the time to learn all you can about this so that when we, as a church, have to deal with it everyone will be fully informed. As I said before, I know that many of us would prefer to just come to church, go home and not think about this. But the split is coming so it is better to be informed than not.

                I would like to encourage each of you to go to: https://www.globalmethodist.org/ for more information. And I also encourage you to read this article that has been released by WCA. To read it. click here.

Finally, you are invited to join a meeting for more information by registering for either an in person or online meeting that will be held on May 1st at Frazier Memorial UMC in Montgomery. To register for that event, click here. As pastor, I will be attending so that I can be fully informed and would love to have some of you to join me either in person or through online ability.

Blessings to all!

Pastor Dee


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