Revised Worship Schedule

Concerning Our Worship Services for the Next Three Months

The Leadership team met last night (08.25.20) and agreed to the following staged approached toward the reopening of our church to in-person worship.

Beginning Sunday (September 6)—PLEASE NOTE NEW TIMES.

One line and indoor worship at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary

One line and outdoor worship at 6 pm

Beginning Sunday (October 4th)

On line and outdoor worship at 8:30 am

On line and indoor worship at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary

Note: The leadership team will then discuss the possibility of resuming Sunday school where classes may be asked to use rooms other than their normal ones to assure social distancing.

November—-we are praying hat by the first of November, we will be able to resume having both services indoors as the weather may not be conducive to outdoor worship

We are aware that these changes may not be pleasing to everyone.  However, please know that we are attempting to make prayerful and sound decisions that will allow us to have some sense of normalcy in a difficult time. Please be patient with and pray for the leaders and pastor as we continue to move forward.

Concerning Your Health Concerns for Resuming Indoor Worship

When we resume indoor worship, please be reminded that we are doing everything we can to assure your health concerns are met. We will continue our protocol that we had in place when we opened before. Everyone attending worship will be asked to consent to having your temperature taken and to wear a mask. Everyone will be socially distanced in the sanctuary because of the “tape barriers” that have been put in place. Also, our ionization units, which were installed in the air conditioning, will be running to assure that the air is cleansed of viruses and other pathogens. And our sanctuary is being sanitized weekly. While there is no fool proof guarantee, you should be as safe or safer than any other public places you may go or than in any family gatherings you may enjoy.

Concerning Online Services

As you can see, we are attempting to offer three ways for you to worship over at least the next two months: Indoor worship, Outdoor Worship and Online worship. Our online worship is here to stay so that even when we are able to resume indoor worship at 8:30 or 11:00, those who still feel unsafe to return may join us in worship. The very best way to see our online worship is to view it on our revised website ( beginning at about one minute before each service starts.


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