You Can't Say That in Church

Is there something you feel you can’t say around other Christians, anything that you’re afraid to admit, that you worry would offend, that you worry would mean you’re not a “real” Christian if you said them out loud?

In 2008 a Christian blogger posed that question to her readers and received over 217 comments, some of which were funny (like “I’d tell the pastor that his comb-over isn’t fooling anyone.”) Others name some of the deepest anxieties, doubts, and struggles of being a person of faith. “I get frustrated reading the Bible.” “I know I’m sinning and sometimes I don’t want to change.” “Does any of this even matter to God?”

We hope you’ll join us beginning January 15 for a sermon series that will air some of these unspeakable statements!
Each Sunday we’ll give voice to some of the things Christians everywhere are dying to say but, for fear or manners, just feel like they can’t. We’ll hold these up against the Bible to see whether God might have something to say to the things we feel like we can’t.