All In: Lessons on Discipleship

The middle section of Luke’s gospel tells the story of Jesus journey from his home in Galilee to Jerusalem. It was a journey of purpose with a definite trajectory: his own passion, death, and resurrection. Jesus knew that this end would be the beginning of a new humanity, a new creation, but he knew that the disciples would be called upon to be the sign, foretaste, instrument, and witness to God’s new thing. Therefore, he uses the journey to draw the disciples more deeply into the mysteries of the reign of God, that they might be All-In as God’s pilgrim people, the epicenter of God’s work of redemption and the coming of his kingdom.

Even as they did for the disciples, the lessons Jesus teaches on the journey to Jerusalem can powerfully shape our imagination about the Christian life and mission. This sermon series will explore some of these lessons and how they prepare us to be faithful followers in the twenty-first century, how they might guide our church’s vision and plan for ministry, and how they prepare us for the All-In life in the kingdom of God.