UMCOR Tornado Bucket Supplies – October Mission Focus

UMCOR Tornado Bucket Supplies - October Mission Focus
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Contact Person: Cathy Majors
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UMCOR Tornado Bucket Supplies

1 large medicine bottle of roofing nails
1 pair leather palm-cloth backs gloves [used for debris cleanup] 1 magic marker [to mark boxes] 1 roll wide cellophane tape [for boxes] 15 large black trash bags with drawstrings [for trash] 10 clear or white 33 gal kitchen trash bags with drawstrings [for salvageable items] 10 gallon zip lock bags [for small salvageable items] 1 box cutter
1 roll of toilet tissue in a zip lock bag
1 claw hammer [for tarping roof] 1 pair safety glasses
6 large clear plastic bags [to cover blown out windows] 1 pencil, shirt-pocket size notebook & pencil sharpener [for notes and family to do lists] 3 tampons or pads in a snack size zip lock bag
1 flashlight and separate batteries (appropriate number and size for flashlight)
1 insect repellant
1 bucket lid wrench/opener (taped to outside of the bucket to open bucket)


A detailed description will be added later.


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